Yay!! I can breathe again! My longtime friend just rang to tell me that he didn’t keep up with anyone from those days. There’s one more friend who may have done so, or at least know where to get the info. Trying to find the third portion of our triad is going to be a little like hunting down someone named “John Smith,” but I’m good at finding people.

Now my question becomes: How badly do I want to confirm what I already know? I remember every part that intimate relationships expose. I also remember a number of conversations. I’m grasping at straws anyway. Is it worth it? Can something else have the same effect, assuming I’m right about the effect in the first place?

I have never been so happy to get a totally inconclusive answer in my life. I think I’ll take a run down there this fall to check out my housing options should I decide to apply for the spring term. Now that I’m curious, there is one place that keeps track of all the stage crews that come into town. I have a feeling that may be the best option. I really, really hope he found some strawberry blonde chick and married her. That would be the best news ever. Well, that or him touring again. Nah, better married with someone to take care of him. He’d be too old to do the heavy labor. Even stage bosses have to work.

Gee, I can’t tell whether I’m giddier with glee that Morgan may be more or less fine or the thought of watching magic happen again. There was never any doubt about what student org I wanted to advise. Maybe by my last year I will have it.

*OnX does a happy dance in her head*

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