About Being Naked

Call me OnX (pronounced “onyx”), though I travel through the net under many names and have for a long time. I’ve been here since just after DARPANet became the Internet, but a few years before the rest of the world knew it existed. I miss those days, but that’s another story. The important things to know are that I am black, very left of center politically, mostly lesbian and have a particular fondness for BDSM. If you don’t know what that is, look it up here. I also have several disabilities. To some, that means I am asexual. They couldn’t be more wrong. I am most definitely a sexual being and plan to write about what that means.

I’ve wanted to write this blog for years, even before I considered the professional blog (which shall remain nameless) that I began in 2007. The latter blog fell by the wayside as life happened, but my desire to write this one never truly went away. In the end, it was my sometimes-therapist who got me off my ass and told me to write. She didn’t say it, but she knew I was spending money to talk to her when all I really needed to do was find a way to express what I felt about all facets of my life. To mix my metaphors, I am taking a very bumpy ride through the years that will end where everyone else’s ends–in the ground. Sometimes the road is as smooth as glass, but more often, it is full of sink holes that will swallow both the car and me if I don’t watch out. And sometimes, I’m not quick enough, don’t see the road ahead and fall in. It hurts. It’s sad. It’s frustrating. Nevertheless, the hope is that something is learned from the experience.

This blog is called Naked because that’s what I want to be. I don’t want to pretend to like things I don’t or feel happy when all I want to do is cry. If I feel like cursing God, I want to be able to do it and not fear what anyone else will say. In short, I want to be deeply, brutally honest with myself and anyone who may choose to take this journey with me. I don’t care about your race, your sexual orientation, whether you’re able-bodied or disabled or *gulp* a moderate Republican, though you’re going to hate me if you’re a Conservative. However, for me, that’s a badge of honor.

March 30, 2013 addition

Since writing this About page three years ago, most readers have found comments turned off on most posts. I now see how frustrating that can be, so I’ve devised a happy medium that allows those who have become “blog buddies” to still contact me privately if they wish and those who might become blog buddies to do the same. Here is the way: write to me at onxuncovered✦at✦gmail✦dot✦com. If there are more than two people who want comments turned on for a given post, then I’ll turn them on for that post. I kinda like having one-on-one discussions, though. Oh well. Whatever floats your boat–up to the beach–is fine with me.