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Broken and Bruised

OK, so Technorati says that I have to include this code, 7GXZGQ45XFFY, in a short, new post to finally recieve verification. I have the perfect subject.

I woke up Friday afternoon to find a joint in the middle finger of my left hand slightly out of place. Since this happens, maybe, every five to six weeks I’ve learned how to gently fix it. That’s what I thought I did until the area from the joint to the hand began to swell a half hour later and kept swelling all night causing increasing pain. By Saturday morning, the area above the joint had begun to swell, too. In addition, the finger hurt even if I just touched it softly.

Long story short, I spent three hours and 45 minutes in “Rapid Care” so that the ER doc could wait for the ONE radiologist on duty during the weekend at a Level II Trauma Center to tell her I chipped a bone when I put the joint back in place. I don’t buy it. The re-placement was gentle as could be. There was NO pain at all until 30 minutes later. I’m going to see MY hand/arm orthopedist on Tuesday to hear what he has to say. In the meantime, I’m typing with only one hand. It’s safe to say there may not be any new posts until late next week unless I post from my iPhone where I can use my thumbs.